Boot in Bookworm China

Phoenix International Book exhibition China

London, New York, Leipzig and Frankfurt were proved to be the cities that having largest book fairs in the world. Behind book design, there is a huge commercial economic market, and this can function as increasing the quality of “cultural city”. China is having the largest crowd of readers in the world, but the market that related to the commercial economy seems hasn’t been developed yet.

“Book Worm —— Phoenix International Book Design Invitation Exhibition” is going to make use of hesign’s international academic and human resources and connections, invite world-famous designers, editors from publishing companies, professors from educations, publishers of book design and experienced writers to participate. At least 60 writers, publishers and designers from 30 countries over the world were invited. Book Worm —— Phoenix International Book Design Invitation Exhibition will gradually build up its professional popularity in the field of book design, encouraging professional designers. An award of subsidizing young designers will be set up, encouraging the participation of young designers.
The deep thought of “Book Worm —— Phoenix International Book Design Invitation Exhibition”, is hoping that after few years, a communication centre of mainland and international book design can be formed in Hangzhou, and set up the “Hangzhou International Book Exhibition”, and enter the international exhibition market of book trading. The exhibition is an essential part of Phoenix International Design Festival 2009, and will be held at the central exhibition hall. The exhibition will be displaying the works of book design that is the top in the contemporary graphic design. Most of the books are world-famous already; The number of participating books of this event is estimated to be over 250.

Time/29th, September to 20th October, 2009 (29/09 – 20/10, 2009
Venue/A1, Central Exhibition Hall, [ Zhijiang creative park ] Phoenix Creative International
No.1 Chuangyi Rd., Zhuantang Town, West Lake District, Hangzhou
Organizer/Zhijiang creative park
Co-operator/Hesign International
curator/Jianping He