Selected A

book publication

Publisher: index book

Selected is not an award, but rather, as its name suggests, it is a “selection” of the best European design projects completed within year 2009 by graphic studios, designers and students from across Europe.

The projects are chosen by a team of renowned professionals – Selectors – from various fields in the visual communication and graphic design industries, who meet to make a selection of the best work pieces among all the entries received. Only the projects which are chosen from their expert point of view are ultimately included in the book.

The annual is presented with an original design and in a special format, smaller than the average yearbook. The book is divided into three different categories (Graphic Design, New Media and Schools) and each project is featured individually on a double-page spread. Instead of being numbered, each edition of Selected is assigned a letter, in alphabetical order, which is also the initial of the font face used in the book. Namely, the first volume in the series, Selected A, refers to the font face AkzidGroBe. This is Index Book’s special way of paying homage to typography as an iconic element in design.