The World Hope Forum 2021

Petra ambassador Netherlands

The potential to transform society from within. With Dezeen & Business of Fashion, Lidewij Edelkoort en Philip Fimmano will organise THE WORLD HOPE FORUM in 2021.


People “don’t want to go back” to how things were before coronavirus, claims trend forecaster Li Edelkoort in a new manifesto of hope for a post-pandemic world, which is published exclusively on Dezeen today as part of Virtual Design Festival.


“By the end of this pandemic, as if after a war, only our buildings will remain standing and everything else will have changed,” writes Edelkoort in the manifesto, which is published in full below. “The economy of hope has the potential to transform society from within.”


In the manifesto, Edelkoort proposes a “World Hope Forum” to counterbalance the World Economic Forum.


“The World Hope Forum is a new gathering that will include climate change on its agenda as well as caring for all neglected people involved in production chains and services,” writes Edelkoort, who gave further details in a live video interview with Dezeen today.


“Under the leadership of ambassadors chosen in participating countries, the World Hope Forum will bring together speakers and selected case studies, good practices, retail reinventions and innovative ideas that will sprout in the spring of revival.”



We are happy to announce that Petra is asked by Lidewij to be the Ambassador Netherlands.


Read de whole manifesto in link:




Image: Trend Tablet