Book Club World Hope Forum

by Lidewij Edelkoort & Petra Janssen


Zondag 24 oktober

World Hope Forum Book Club

Live from our kitchen table in the Pink House by Social label at Kazerne — as part of Dutch Design Week 2021 & celebrating WHF’s one-year anniversary!

13.00 — 19.00 (Eindhoven CET) / 7:00 — 1:00 PM (New York EST)

The event will be live streamed from the Pink House at Kazerne, as part of Dutch Design Week 2021. Take a peek into the kitchen, a place where people come together; to eat and talk, but also to retreat. An intimate setting where time stands still. The future of Social label lies in the democratisation of beauty, in simply ‘being’, and in surrounding ourselves with design with meaning. Social label believes that collaboration is the key to change, to a society built upon different pillars and designed around more social, fair and collective values — for a better human existence. Everybody deserves this. Design can play this transformative role by giving work and meaning to people’s lives, enabling disadvantaged people to participate in society.

  • 13:00 WELCOME
  • introduction by Lidewij Edelkoort, Philip Fimmano & Petra Janssen, WHF Ambassador for the Netherlands
  • 13:30 SOCIAL LABEL WORKS Petra Janssen, author & co-founder
  • 14:00 ELEGANT SIMPLICITY Satish Kumar, author & activist in conversation with Lidewij Edelkoort
  • 14:30 TRUE COLORS World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigments Keith Recker, author
  • 15:30 SLAVERY: Ten True Stories Frederique van Reij, senior educator, Rijks Museum
  • 16:00 GRADUATION SHOW Design Academy Eindhoven recent graduates
  • 16:30 BOER DOET LEVEN (Farmer Creates Life) Berno Strootman, landscape architect, advisor & author
  • 17:00 MINITOPIA Tessa Peters & Rolf van Boxmeer, social architects
  • 18:00 PLASTIC OCEAN Thirza Schaap, photographer

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