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Tapijt-bannertapijt ontwerpen in expo Open Mind tijdens DDW tot 4 jan 2015 De kazerne Eindhoven

In samenwerking met vier bijzondere designkoppels, die zowel hun studio als privéleven met elkaar delen, presenteert ICE International de collectie Dutch Landscapes. Claire & Roderick Vos, Jeanine & Piet Hein Eek, Petra Janssen & Edwin Vollebergh en Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk geven de designrichting aan voor het handgemaakte tapijt vanuit acht verschillende perspectieven.


Motherʼs Little Helper: “there’s a little yellow pill… and it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day”. My tapestry was inspired by the music of The Rolling Stones. It is an homage to all housewives who are trapped in their homes and daily grind, struggling with all their obligations and tasks. Good husbands will buy this tapestry as a tribute to their wives. It is a strong image, but it will go anywhere: in an aesthetical, empty, colourless interior or in busy, baroque surroundings. Translating a drawing into materials and colours in this weaving technique was an exciting experience. In my work for Studio Boot I make lots of posters, and am used to a wealth of printing and reproduction techniques, but this was a production
method I was not familiar with. I thought the Dutch Landscapes title was right on: the rugs or tapestries are almost as flat as the Dutch landscape, yet each designer has created a perspective by integrating higher and lower segments, shearing or by working with different materials.
Specifications: wool and silk,100 knots per inch², 250 x 350 cm




Why isnʼt there a Dutch equivalent for the Persian rug? And would I be able to design one? These are the questions that formed the foundation for my design process and the challenge I set myself. Looking at Dutch folklore, it features a wealth of form language: with many colours and different patterns that were brought from the world over via the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit. Traditional dress and the house of Sijtje Boes in Marken (a former fishermenʼs island in the Netherlands) provided a plethora of inspiration. My Dutch Landscape follows the style characteristics of a Persian rug: decorative with stylised flower and leave shapes and bright colours. Full and bright colours are important in my work for Studio Boot and the orange colour in the rug was developed specifically for this purpose; it wasnʼt available this bright. The decorative border is also reflected in my Dutch interpretation and I included a cross in the motif which was borrowed from traditional dress, in which various ribbons, strips and applications were used to bring together different patterns and designs. This is also why I see my rug as a sort of sample sheet which features a large diversity of techniques; height and depth differences and various weaving techniques make it a very strokeable rug.
Specifications: 50% wool 50% silk,100 knots per inch², 250 x 350 cm





A2-vouwvel-dutchlandscapesDEF2-525x296- edwin2A2-vouwvel-dutchlandscapesDEF2-525x296- edwin



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bezichtigen tot 4 jan 2015

Locatie: De Kazerne
Paradijslaan 2-8
5611 KN
Eindhoven (centrum)

Openingstijden: iedere dag van 11.00 tot 20.00 uur.



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Fotografie: Renee van der Hulst, art-direction Petra Janssen