1999-2010/ Man & Communication Department DAE Eindhoven

This department trains students to become graphic designers and art directors for multimedia projects. The students examine the possibilities – and the impossibilities – of new media. They develop strategies to make information accessible for the general public. They are challenged to develop their capacity for logical and conceptual thinking as far as possible by making use of their own unique, authentic story.

Man and communication stimulates students to develop their own research methodology while working on assignments. A research methodology that makes a good match with their abilities and qualities. The department continually tries to access and draw out the students’ personal motivations. The development of a unique signature is of great importance in this respect, whether it is applied to the production of animations, posters, signposting, printed publications, product packaging, navigation systems or films. Or putting it the way Joris Visser might, using his ‘Sculptaal’: formposers, articlators, creaditors and innostrators* of the future, combining passion with the ability to generate ideas, so that they can then be moulded into a communicable, self-willed form.

formposer = articlator, creaditor, innostrator
articlator = interpreter who mediates between products and people
creaditor = anti-capitalistic creative editor
innostrator = creator of graphical products in response to innovative technology