vision of design

Studio Boot Bookpublished in 2007 by Page One Publishing In a serie with Reza Abedini, Michel Bouvet, Lech Majewski, Istvan Orosz.

The World “global” has left an indelible mark on our era, seeping ino every niche and corner of the cultural domain through economic channels. On many a occasion, it is being discussed and accepted by designers that regional characteristics of design are fast disappearing, blurring the boundaries between works of defferent nations. Under this circumstance, the eys of the public would be directly focused on the designers who possesses a distinctive, signature style. A succesful designer always integrates such elements as personality, living environment, and reaction to social influence into his/her works. The designers works also become an expression of his/her design idea, life philosopy, aesthetic value, and living experience. The book series, “Vision of design”, is intended to help readers understand the works of these designers from this perspective.The story of these 5 desigers shows sparkles of their wisdom.

Jianping He, Dec. 2006, Berlin, editor